torsdag 24. november 2011

New favourite city - Singapore

Singapore was a pleasant surprise, and four days (including two days at work) was not enough to explore this fantastic city.

These pictures are taken by my new Fujifilm Finepix X100 camera purchased at the shopping mall across the street from the hotel after all my photo equipment was stolen the first night out. Not a bad substitute after all! Had no time to read the instruction manual before use...

Second night in little India. Just outside the shopping mall "Mustafa". Too crowded and too messy for my liking. I suppose it was cheap, but not my favourite place.

I participated in a team building with my colleges in S'pore at Orchidville. Lots of beautiful flowers on display.

After the team-building we went to Singapore night safari. That was awesome! Driving around in a small train viewing all kind of wild animals in a real jungle.

Included in the price was a "foot massage" - sitting with the feet into an aquarium where lots of small fishes were eating on the feet. That was not so awesome - but an interesting experience. 

Christmas decorations in the hotel lobby..

A shopping centre in Orchard street at night

Lots of traffic in Scotts road

No trip to Singapore would be complete without a visit to Raffles hotel..

These are some holy cows guarding a buddhist temple in Chinatown.

Charming houses in Chinatown.

This is in the basement of the Singapore flyer, the world's largest ferries wheel. There were art and interesting things to be seen before entering the wheel.

A piece of art using things from the kitchen, garage etc.

The Singapore flyer. Unfortunately I was not able to take any good pictures because it had been raining all day, and the windows were full of raindrops on the outside and dew on the inside.

View of the Marina Bay area:

Marina Bay Sands and the Art and Science Museum:

Clarke Quay has a huge collection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The Art and Science Museum which we visited and a shop in front that we didn't visit (couldn't afford it)

Marina Bay in daylight (and me)...

The museum held a Salvador Dali exhibition..

and a Titanic exhibition, but it was not allowed to photograph in that one.

Finally a daylight picture of one of the shopping malls in Orchard Road. Lots of buildings and architecture made like sculptures and work of art.

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