tirsdag 14. juni 2011

Here, there and everywhere, part five; Jersey 1988

This is a new chapter in the never ending story of my travels of the world (or at least Europe..) I have now reached the magic year of 1988, the last year of the Berlin wall and the first year of the rest of my life!

The adventure this summer was a 3 week trip to England and Jersey with Grethe and Felle from Haugesund. The only planning we made before the trip was a one week's hotel reservation in St. Helier, Jersey. When the week was over we did not want to leave, but because of the very famous (not to us) Battle of flowers, it was impossible to find another hotel room. We got unexpected help from a taxi driver who gave us a very useful hint; there was a camping site in St. Brelade that rented tents and sleeping bags. Cool!

This is the front of the divider page;

The back;

And the inside;

This little book covers the highlights of the trip.

Pictures are from Portsmouth, Torquay, Jersey and London.

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