tirsdag 23. november 2010

Here, there and everywhere, part two; "There" - the early days

Here comes part two of this very exciting not so short story :)

(I have to start a new page as it stops in 2008, and my travels don't..)

This is the first trip abroad that was not to Denmark or Sweden and with my parents. It was a journey to "Our Chalet" in Switzerland with my girl guide group. We travelled by Inter Rail and after the 12 days in the swiss alps we visited Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark on the way back. Fantastic experience for a 16 years old girl.

I have included a copy of the card that I sent to my parents. (Can you believe they kept it?) And the girl with the lollypop and the T-shirt with an elephant's behind is me.

My german-class went on a school trip to Berlin. This was back in the days when systematic government cruelty and political terror was a major tourist attraction. Even though our main interest was drinking and dancing, this trip made a deep impression on us. 

This picture shows one of the platforms where you could get a glimpse of the no-mans land and the dirty and neglected East Germany on the other side.

The year after this I went on an undocumented illegal trip to Denmark with my friend Hilde. In those pre-cellphone and pre-Facebook days keeping things from parents seemed much easier. It was discovered, however (we sent a card), but when we later returned to the home base, the temperature had cooled down somehow. 

Six months after that I went to London for a week (also undocumented) with two other girls and almost no money. Fortunately the hotel was including breakfast so at least we had one decent meal each day. Somehow we managed to meet people (boys) who were willing to buy us beer and even food sometimes. Those were the days!

More to follow...

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