lørdag 20. november 2010

Here, there and everywhere, part one; "Here"

I am writing this in English so that my (maybe not so many) English speaking readers can follow this very interesting (?) long story.

More than 1,5 years ago I joined an online workshop by Shimelle Laine called "Here, there and everywhere". The intention was to produce a minialbum about the place we live, places we have been to and places where we want to go. I couldn't restrain myself from including all the journeys I've made (except for travels in Norway, weekend trips and business trips). I am still working on it (from time to time) and I am now in the middle of volume two. Almost 2 years later I have now reached year 2000...

After careful consideration I have decided to share this life's journey here on this humble blog.

I used these very cute albums from Making Memories. Unfortunately, I can not find the same design any more, so the next volume will have to be a different colour :(

Chapter One - "Here"

The back side of the divider:

Home sweet home: 

As we live in a terraced house, it was very difficult to make an impressive photo of it... This is the entrance. Here is a rather more impressive photo of the view.

The "house" where we keep our mail box:

The lake close to home:

Our street:

Our city


Some random facts about Bergen, stolen from Wikipedia...

The route from my home to my work, different alternatives for driving and walking.

I will publish more "interesting" stuff in a few days about my many journeys. Have a nice weekend!

Aud R.

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  1. Love the album - such a fab idea!

  2. so SO beautiful. thank you for posting this in English. lovely photos.

  3. what a beautiful album - you will always love having this!