torsdag 18. august 2011

Tour de Norvége, part 2

This is part 2 of my very interesting tour de Norvége.. (after a looong vacation from blogging)

In Trondheim we visited Nidarosdomen and the Egon restaurant in the TV tower. That was E's only wish for this stay.

Every available moment, on ferries or in the back seat were spent reading for the driving license.

The first night in the north of Norway were spent in Brønnøysund. All the hotels in  town were full because of the music festival that weekend, and we finally found a place some distance out of town. The place we stayed was a combined hotel and nursing home (!) and all the rooms showed evidence of their previous life as a nursing home too (for old people). Not a very cosy place to stay, I think, so in the evening we drove into town for a meal. On the way back (very late) we saw on moose after the other. More than 20 in total! That was surreal!

The next day we climbed the mountain "Torghatten" which has a hole in it. Just outside the hole, an orchestra was having a concert, and as we entered the hole they played "Amazing grace". That was magical.

On of the participants of the music festival had some heart trouble in the steep way up, and had to be picked up by a helicopter. I hope he got well again and got good care at the hospital.

At one of the ferry ports we met a Norwegian TV crew filming a new reality series due to be shown this fall. Cool!

We also reached a visit to Alstadhaug, previously home to the famous poet Petter Dass before we arrived in Sandnessjøen where we stayed at the very nice Rica hotel.

The drive along the Helgelands coast from Sandnessjøen to Bodø was simply amazing! Even the weather was good..

Beautiful scenery everywhere!

We had a short stop at Saltstraumen before we checked into the very nice Grand Hotel in Bodø. After dinner (which was included in the price) we had a stroll around the town and took some pictures in the midnight sun.

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