fredag 1. april 2011

The story of the missing kit

Today I got a pleasant surprise at the post office..

This is my Metropolitan kit (december?) together with all the sales items from black friday.

I was waiting patiently for my kit to arrive before Christmas, but all my trips to the mail box was in total vain. I thought this may be connected with very busy times at the postoffice with all the Christmas presents, so I didn't pursue the matter further.

On Dec. 28 we went on a two week holiday in Florida, and during this time I received a notification from the post office, a 2nd notice they claimed. Because it was a second notice, they gave me only 4 days to pick up the package, and being in Florida, this was of course impossible. Therefore, all my scrappy goodness was returned, and the SC box has no return address on it...

However, miraculously, the kit appeared at SC's office a few week's ago, and here it is, 3 times across the Atlantic Ocean:

Quite overwhelming, I have no idea where to put it all...

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